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Category Archives: March Madness

Checking in here at 2:06 PM CT. Louisville is currently leading 40-32, wish 15:21 left in the 2nd. We here at buckwild have a feeling. We’re never wrong, so trust us. Davidson is rising.

14:44 Remaining: Davidson just showed some serious heart with a tipped pass.

13:34: Conan’s all new next week on TBS. Also, Davidson is at the line for an and-1 opportunity. 35-43

Davidson: Where white guys doing weirdly athletic moves happens

Turns out the heat was actually on in our apartment instead of the air. I knew I was getting weirdly nervous about this game.

10:38: Why the hell did we start this post. Davidson is terrible. First post in months and its a debacle… classic Buckwild.

Davidsons mascot, Mr. Cat, is not be happy.

Mr. Cat should just get it over with and change his name to Mr. Suspected Rapist

Davidson looks like a 13 seed playing a 4, and we look like idiots blogging this game

6:11 Davidson within 11 and Mr. Cat within 11 children

Syracuse vs. UNC Ash is beginning. Me and Fab Melo will have similar impacts on the game

March: When people have to remember that Tru Tv exists

None of the games are even remotely close right now. Time to post this picture

UNC Asheville blocked 88 shots this season, the same as Fab Melo

The ticket oak commercial just made its way into my nightmares